Brainstorming, Visioning, Strategy Sessions

We help seasoned entrepreneurs to claim their place in cyberspace and our clients have told us they love our brainstorming, visioning, and strategy sessions as a first step for them to get clear on the current marketing landscape, to decide what they want to do, where they want us to focus our work with them and what it will cost for them to create and implement a marketing plan for their business. We spend approximately 2.5 hours together in our first session and have much more clarity for all parties by the time we’ve talked about their business, their vision, goals, what they’ve done before meeting with us and where they want their business to go and what results they are expecting for their business in the short and long-term. “It’s very exciting to see the transformation of ideas and the results we get from having clients start with a brainstorming, visioning, and strategy session before beginning any marketing projects or campaigns. We have taken ideas and created brands from these sessions. If you’ve never had a session like this you’ll love the experience.”


Marketing Strategy & Marketing Campaigns

We work with our clients to develop and deliver a marketing strategy plan and then to implement the elements of that plan that will lead to increasing their reach and influence in their market and get results. The Marketing Strategy often includes planning Events, both live and online; writing articles and getting the message about their product and services into the marketplace with press releases and distribution of those press releases and other public relations activities. We cover the variety of marketing channels that can be used to reach their audience and ideal clients from the written content, to audio, to video, to e-mail marketing to advertising, social media, trade shows, special events and expos, appearances, speaking engagements and interviews.

Professional Writing Services /Sales Copywriting

Our team of professional, experience businesspeople can write the copy you need for your business marketing whether that’s sales letters, e-mail marketing campaigns, persuasive copy for your website or marketing materials. We’re here to help you stand out and get results.

Online Marketing Since 1995

We have been actively participating in online marketing for a long time. We bring traditional media experience from network television, cable tv, and radio to the online marketing needs of our clients which today includes podcasts, online publications, blogs, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Medium, Mix and more. Every second your competitors are adding more content to the world. What are you ready to do and how can we help you achieve your reach and influence?

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